Core Values

One of the main drivers of success for EMCL is the culture that is formed around the core values by which its owners, shareholders, and employees conduct their actions. The five core values which govern and underpin the company’s complete service offering in creating customer value are: Integrity, Quality, Service, Competency and Skills.  Expanding upon these core values we take an in-depth look at why they are important to our customers, employees and business as a whole.   


 Conducting our personal actions and business with integrity instills trust and confidence with our clients, customers, and employees. Developing long-term client/employee relationships is a core business value that will ensure sustainability, repeat business, referrals, and a long term client base. 


Meeting and exceeding customer/client expectations create value for the recipient of the service rendered. Providing quality service at competitive prices focuses on increasing value to the customers while differentiating our service offering from our competitors.  


Providing quality service means being prompt, courteous and on budget. Keeping the customers informed throughout the service process heightens the level of service offering and creates a positive experience for the customer. In that the mechanical contracting industry is highly competitive, creating differentiating factors can create a competitive advantage.  


Empowering and entrusting employees to carry out mechanical system installations/modifications in occupied ICI facilities requires a high competency level. Employing competent tradespeople/supervision is now an industry safety requirement. Worker competency ensures work is carried out in a safe manner and that the installations meet the design and regulatory code requirements.  


Employing highly skilled workers educated and trained in their respective trade discipline (i.e. Plumbing, Steamfitting, etc.) supports the highest level of service offering that the business is providing.